Dana White not having Francis Ngannou’s antics

By now if you are a mixed martial arts fan then you know that UFC heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Ciryl Gane will be fighting for an interim title.

Francis Ngannou is the current heavyweight champion and since winning the belt Dana White has stated many times that Derrick Lewis is to be next in line for a shot at it. For the most part Francis has not seemed excited at all to defend it against anyone else but Jon Jones and for lots of cash. Using your title belt as leverage to get more money never ends well especially when Dana White is involved and when you haven’t defended it a single time.

As soon as the interim title fight was announced the social media accounts of Ngannou we are filled with grumpiness and claims that he was training and ready to fight. The bottom line is that only Dana White and Ngannou’s management know exactly what was happening and here is what Dana White said about the champion’s claims.

If you have to paraphrase that to a friend you would tell them it was about money. That is always the bottom line in the organization. If you draw big money you get paid big money and if you don’t well you get the drift.

In reality Francis will make solid money when he fights the winner of Lewis vs Gane. Unification fights tend to do bigger business than regular defenses historically and at the least it makes for a great poster. Only time will tell what the impact of this current fiasco will have in the long run.