I will give Internet menace Jake Paul some credit. He knows how to keep interest in a fight.

He picked a 39 year old ex UFC welterweight champion that used to be really good in the striking department for his next freak show boxing match. He then started trash talking and promoting the second word hit the street that he would face Tyron Woodley.

They have had some unofficial face-offs but they had their first kind of official one today and the trash talk was heavy. Eventually when Jake was done reminding Woodley that he was much younger than him he began to try and make a bet with him. It was kind of a jerk move because the bet he was trying to propose was if Woodley won he would double his purse, if Woodley lost he would donate it all to Jake Paul’s charity. Woodley already stated that this would be the biggest payday of his career so the guilt they were trying to lay on him to make the bet was unnecessary and not cool. I don’t think Tyron took the bet and I think that’s the right move. He is taking this money to make a future for himself and his family. He didn’t let all of Jake Paul’s lackeys get to him.

Here is the video below.