Joshua Fabia is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s the pair of socks on Christmas you wish was something else. Ever since former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez cut ties with Joshua there has been a lot of public drama. Behind the scenes by all appearances is even worse.

The narrative we have all accepted is that Diego Sanchez at his lowest point met Joshua Fabia. Joshua then began to take advantage of him and use Diego to make himself famous. That’s the one I believe and I don’t think you could convince me otherwise. Let’s back up for a second. Putting all of this in perspective, pretending you didn’t know who Joshua was let sum it up

Joshua is a Chameleon who appears to have tried many odd things in the past. He is the master of what he calls the School of Self Awareness. It’s a conglomeration of mystical mumbo jumbo, bonkers martial arts, aligning with time zones, made up yoga, tripping in the desert, hanging upside down, and the death touch. His look and speech change to match whatever it is he’s teaching. If anything he considers himself a guru. He began speaking for Diego in interviews and any place where there was public attention. Those did not do him any favors with fans of mixed martial arts and especially those of the UFC living legend Diego Sanchez. Joshua is the reason that Diego got released from the UFC this year before his high profile fight with Cowboy Cerrone. That out-of-the-way, let’s keep going.

Diego Sanchez finally woke up and he parted ways with Fabia recently. There are reasons that are floating around out there for why and there are too many to list. Since their split Joshua has increasingly become angrier on social media and and during media interactions in general. He has made some incredibly serious allegations about Sanchez including fixed fights, taking steroids, being a junkie, and even going as far to say that he was living with Diego out of the goodness of his heart as his rehabilitation sponsor.

He also started posting videos and pictures of Diego on Only Fans with provocative phrases. Here he is confronted by Summer Helene of Behind the Scenes about the sleazy exploitation.

A YouTube creator named Jesse on Fire took on some of the best parts of the interview that Joshua did and broke them down. He is a friend or at least a very good acquaintance of Diego and he didn’t take kindly to those accusations.

Take this next part with a giant grain of salt.

In the video below a YouTube account that has been actively keeping track of the drama released a video with some insane claims that at this point wouldn’t surprise anyone. In it he says a trustworthy source told him that Joshua attempted suicide, had secretly taken nude photos of Diego, was trying to blackmail Diego to come out publicly as gay, and even more bizarre things that are only believable because of who Joshua is. We personally would have to see some heavy proof about any of this but this is the type of information circulating out there right now.

One thing is for certain, no one thought the break up would be clean. It turns out we were correct.