Joshua Fabia has Twitter account suspended

Let me preface this by saying that the Twitter account @JoshuaFabiaSOSA may not be the actual account of Joshua Fabia. There is a strong indication that it is but unfortunately for Joshua it is now suspended.

Twitter as most of you know does not play around if someone breaks their rules. People with a blue checkmark tend to get away with more things than others but they still have to follow the rules.

Fabia doesn’t have a blue checkmark and he didn’t follow the rules.

After the insane professional break up of Joshua and UFC legend Diego Sanchez that Twitter account was very active. It tweeted at Diego asking why there was a restraining order against him amongst other things. It was only after Joshua went to the media and began to make some serious allegations against Diego that some of that venom spilled over from his interviews in to the guru’s Twitter feed. Apparently something got the attention of Twitter and they have suspended his account.

The two people this account was following were the two people supporting Joshua the most. Stephan Bonnar and of course Diego Sanchez. The story just gets weirder.

Let’s see now if all of these other allegations are true…