WTF: Did Diego Sanchez really get a restraining order on Joshua Fabia?


First, I have no idea if this is the real Twitter account for Joshua Fabia or not. By all appearances it is and there are videos out there using this account for content. If it is this is telling.

The account refutes the story by MMAfighting the Diego Sanchez has broken his relationship with Joshua off. Then a very interesting tweet was sent. I wouldn’t have even paid attention but given the number of people that have reported threats from Joshua in their direct messages if they speak out against him it very well could be true. Diego breaking off his relationship would have probably sent a guy who reportedly sends those death threats into a spiral. The tweet I’m talking about is the top one in this image. If this is Fabia’s real account, he is publicly asking Diego why there is a restraining order filed against him.

#LoveIsStrong…… They are taking a break?These sound like things I used to tell my ex girlfriend.

The saga of Diego Sanchez at the end of his career is and will always be remembered as one of the most bizarre in the history of the UFC.