If the stories circulating are accurate it looks like our prayers for UFC legend Diego Sanchez have been answered. Various media outlets have been reporting that the relationship between Diego and the person essentially responsible for getting him released from the UFC and making him virtually undesirable for other organizations is over.

If you are reading this article then you know who I am speaking of. The man Diego saw walking “smooth“ in a closed gym that he struck up a conversation in a darkened bathroom with and then proceeded to embark on the most bizarre journey we have seen for just about any fighter.

Yes that “guru”.

Sanchez was supposed to face Donald Cerrone in a legend versus legend fight. There were rumors that it was his last hurrah and a fitting one it would have been. After some shenanigans by his new manager/coach/masseuse/therapist/nutritionist/guru he was canned by the UFC. The man who caused all of this was the master of something called The School of Self Awareness, Joshua Fabia.

The man who decided that Diego needed this kind of training.

People will be talking about Joshua Fabia and Diego Sanchez for years to come.

The big news about Diego right now is that he finally split from Fabia. Given the cult like behavior that Sanchez exhibited during his association with Joshua only time will tell if he is completely done or will simply fall back into it. Something like that is hard to shake.

Take this with a grain of salt. The gym scuttlebutt, or gym gossip relayed to me from professional fighters I have known for a long time was that the allegations of a homosexual relationship between the two played a part in the split. In a few interviews over the past couple of months Diego seemed visibly agitated when addressing the false rumors of the pair being lovers. This information did not come from where Diego trained or currently trains. It came from some connected current and former pro fighter friends who were just as concerned about him as the rest of us. Rumors spread fast in the MMA world so again just take them as rumors.

Diego Sanchez allegedly has or had an Only Fans run by Joshua. It was reportedly exploitative but I didn’t pay the money and I didn’t care to look into whether or not it was real for fear of what I might see.

Something tells me this isn’t the end of the Joshua Fabia, Diego Sanchez saga.