Tony Ferguson got his wish for the UFC 262 bonuses to be bigger

I want Tony Ferguson as my negotiator if I ever open a business. He reached in and pulled the biggest rabbit out of the UFC hat in a long time.

At the press conference for tomorrow night’s UFC 262 pay per view event he loudly asked for the post fight bonuses to be raised. He alluded to fact that the event was being held in Texas where everything is supposed to be bigger so the bonuses should be too. And it worked.

Instead of the $50,000 bonuses they will now be $75,000 bonuses. If someone were lucky enough to get a finish of the night bonus as well as a fight of the night bonus that’s a cool $150,000 in their pocket. That’s an astonishing $50,000 extra if someone hit that double bonus jackpot. If they do we hope they would get on the phone and thank Tony over and over and maybe kick him a little taste under the table – or at least take him out for a beer.

I don’t know about you but I would come out throwing some of Nick Diaz‘s favorite spinning and ninja sh*t and looking for a knockout.

Well played El Cucuy!

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