Billy Joe Saunders and Canelo Alvarez have odd face off

Billy Joe Saunders and Canelo Alvarez are boxing this Saturday on DAZN. Canelo is regarded as one of the best if not the best pound for pound active boxer today. Alvarez has 55 wins and only one loss on his record and it’s to Floyd Mayweather Jr which is nothing to be ashamed of. Billy Joe Saunders is 30-0 with a much weaker pool of opponents than Alvarez who has beaten GGG, Miguel Cotto, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and Amir Khan to name a few. Saunders has two opponents in his last three fights that don’t have Wikipedia entries. That doesn’t mean they they weren’t good it just means he is not fighting the same caliber of opponents. There is definitely a disparity in the experience and success department and I guess we will all find out just how good Billy Joe really is on Saturday.

Canelo and Saunders faced off today in what could only be described as an odd moment. Saunders continually mentioned “gypsies“ and “beef“ and Canelo just nodded and mumbled.

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