Dana White says people are done being told what to do and where to go

Dana White appeared on the Fox News channel as a guest on the Hannity show. During the appearance the topic of Saturday’s UFC 261 came up specifically referencing the 15,000 fans in attendance. There was no mandatory mask rule and during the coverage of the event you can clearly see a lot of attendees without them. This prompted criticism or praise depending on what news channel you watched.

The look and feel of the event was incredibly different from the empty seats of Fight Island and the UFC Performance Center. The energy was electric and the fighters seemed to respond to it. Having that hot crowd at a live event also had to be reassuring to other sports that are suffering financially from the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is White’s stance on having masked or mask less fans back in the stadiums and stands.

People are done. People are done. Done being told where they can go, what they can do.

Keep in mind that the UFC is holding live events with crowds in Houston on May 15 and in Las Vegas on July 10. What do you think of having fans back?

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