Trolls gonna troll.

Aljamain Sterling is the new UFC bantamweight champion but if you’ve been paying attention he sure doesn’t feel like it. In his fight with Petr Yan at UFC 259 earlier this month Sterling found himself on his knees in front of Yan. Instead of dropping bombs from above Yan inexplicably went for the kill with a knee. Any casual fan knows that knees to a grounded opponent in the UFC are illegal. The fight was waived off and Petr was disqualified meaning that Aljamain was the new bantamweight champion.

As you can imagine nobody wants to win their first UFC championship that way. There wasn’t much of a celebration.

Ever since that belt went around his waist keyboard warriors have been accusing him of faking the damage from the knee. Even with the replay showing that it connected clean and the benefit of slow motion they continue to troll. As you can imagine, Sterling continually has to defend himself not only from fans but from fighters and we are certain it is getting old.

Aljamain spoke with TMZ about the situation and the “clowns“ that keep coming at him. Check it out.

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