5 YouTube channels to help beat the pandemic blues

Because of being stuck at home during this often soul crushing coronavirus pandemic I have discovered some welcome diversions on YouTube. Right up front I want to make it clear I am not affiliated with these channels. I gain nothing from sharing them except the satisfaction to know that I may have helped somebody. I struggle with mental health issues so finding channels that I like is golden.

5. That Chapter

Mike is the host of some very well written and nicely shot stories about murder and unsolved disappearances. He provides case footage, phone calls to the police, undercover video, and plenty of insight, often humorous. It is definitely worth checking out. I will link an example of a recent video below.

4. Red Letter Media

it is shocking to me that there are people out there who have not heard of Mr. Plinkett. He is a hilarious character portrayed by Mike Stoklasa who reviews videos in hilarious fashion. His Star Wars prequel reviews are legendary and they aren’t just simple ones. There are some surprises tossed in those videos that will make you laugh out loud, guaranteed. Their official movie reviews are featured in their long running, professionally shot show Half In The bag. They portray VCR repairman that have been scamming Mr. Plinkett for years and have cameos from people like Macaulay Culkin. Come on guys, all he wants is to watch his Night Court tape. If you are bored you can binge watch these videos and if you need a laugh it will happen.

3. Tommy Toe Hold

This is the best MMA comedy channel out there. The over the top characters and their personas are on full display. Nick Diaz, Chael Sonnen, Daniel Cormier, Anderson Silva, and more are featured regularly and very well I might add. The person who provides the content is very creative and has a good mind for comedy.

2. Basketball Time Machine

If you like basketball, particularly basketball history then this is the channel for you. The videos are well researched, insightful, and contain footage to match the discussions. Some of the not so well-known stories about trash talk and the like are very interesting.

  1. Esoterickk

This is one of those channels that has to be seen to be believed. He can solo things with self-imposed conditions that make you scratch your head. His skills are top notch and the word flawless will be inserted in to your daily vocabulary after a while.

These are just five of the channels I have discovered during this coronavirus pandemic and I hope they help you break the monotony and to not go crazy.

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