Dana White hints at new and improved anti pirating measures

The attention to a simple exchange between Dana White and a snarky random Twitter user is out of control.

Some random punk on Twitter – I’m over 40 I can say things like that – tweeted a message to UFC president Dana White plainly stating he was looking forward to pirating this month’s McGregor vs Poirier 2 PPV event. This prompted an aggressive response from White who inferred that the UFC will somehow be able to catch illegal streamers this time around.

If there truly is a way to stop the massive illegal streaming problem it would have to be of the highest levels of technology. This issue is not limited to MMA alone and it is something promoters worldwide fight against regularly. There are far too many methods to watch for free to catch everyone. Maybe that’s why people responding are using the laugh 😂 emoji?

What do you think? Is he bluffing?

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