Jake Paul continues to show no class as he dismisses UFC champ as a nobody

Internet menace turned freak show boxer Jake Paul is rising up on the list of people that mixed martial arts fans want to see knocked out next.

He has two boxing wins. One of them is over the very short and very retired NBA basketball player Nate Robinson and the other is over a guy you wouldn’t know even if we explained it to you. After he defeated Robinson he immediately started calling people out and eventually he went straight for the big payday in Conor McGregor.

The callouts didn’t stop there. He called out people from the NHL, NFL, NBA, boxing, and anyone else that would listen. The list is long and it would take two articles to properly break them all down. It’s coming so stay tuned. Naturally, the mixed martial arts world didn’t take kindly to his negative comments so the callouts started coming from the fighters to Paul. One of them was extremely intriguing and in my opinion it should be the one that happens.

UFC women’s featherweight and bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes fearlessly accepted Jake’s open challenge after a little encouragement from boss Dana White.

Naturally she was snubbed by Paul to no one’s surprise. In our humble opinions it is 50% about money and 50% concern he would get knocked out cold by a woman. If there was a woman who could do it, it would be Amanda.

Here is what Jake told TMZ.

What do you think? Would Amanda beat him?

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