It’s the knockout everyone is talking about. One of the nastiest slams in UFC history that was downright scary, borderline terrifying. It occurred during Saturday’s Fight Night broadcast.

Saturday night Jordan Leavitt picked up Matt Wiman, held him for a few moments, and then slammed him so hard on the mat that he was knocked out cold. The sound was already startling but with the empty arena it was amplified even more. Jordan looked genuinely concerned and footage later surfaced of him consoling Matt’s wife who was visibly upset.

Jordan caught up with TMZ Sports and opened up about the victory.

I think slams are ugly and I think they’re dangerous…I would have preferred to have won in any other way. I’m happy — I mean it’s a highlight and it’s good for my career and notoriety — but that’s not the way I wanted it to be.

I also 100% agree that I feel like the sport would be a much safer, artful thing if slams like that weren’t allowed.

But, when you’re out there, when you’re in that cage you have to decide, ‘Am going to pay rent tonight? Or am I going to have to downgrade to my house, and have to put my family in an unstable position?

What do you think of his comments? What do you think of the knockout?

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