Rookie boxer and all-around annoying YouTube star Jake Paul knocked out one retired short basketball player and he’s everywhere in the news.

Jake Paul is a marketing genius. He has taken two wins and turned them into a headline grabbing juggernaut. He has started to call out names from the bottom to the top of the mixed martial arts world and none is bigger than Conor McGregor. I don’t think McGregor will be fighting Jake Paul but if there is a very large payday involved we would certainly get that fight. What is more likely to happen is Jake’s other McGregor connected call out.

Paul called out Conor’s teammate Dillon Danis who sits at 2-0 in the Bellator organization. He is an accomplished grappler but when it comes to striking he leaves a lot to be desired. This is why just about everyone you talk to would recommend that Dillon not step in to the boxing ring. It would be very hard to recover your reputation after losing to Jake Paul.

Here is what Daniel Cormier’s take on it is:

That’s not any big revelation but hopefully Daniel’s word will carry more weight than the rest of us. One thing we do know about McGregor‘s teammates is that a big money fight no matter how much of a freak show has a 99.9% chance of happening.

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