Newly signed Michael Chandler is a breath of fresh air for the UFC. His signing may not have come with the chaos that Ben Askren’s brought but it comes with all of the intrigue.

Chandler is one of the best examples of a valuable free agent in the sport of MMA. There aren’t a lot of them because when a fighter leaves an organization it is usually because they have lost too many in a row or aren’t drawing very well. It is rare when a fighter from another organization is desirable in a way that Chandler is to the UFC.

Michael is a multi time Bellator lightweight champion and at age 34 he still has a few prime years left in him. Enough time to make a good solid title run if things lineup correctly. Chandler has called for fights with Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, and just about every other lightweight with a respected name. While we wait to see who he actually faces we can take a listen to what he thinks of the ranked fighters in his division right now.

As with all of these ranking videos we will not spoil it because this is not a video you would consider click bait. There is actually quite a bit of thought put into it. Give this a listen and tell us what you think of number three.

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