One of the most promising midwest female mixed martial arts prospects announced her self in a big way at HRMMA 115.

October 17 saw the return of MMA to Kentucky and thankfully the fights did not disappoint especially the women. Incredible featherweight prospect Samantha Buttery stepped into the cage for the first time and by the time the fight was over she looked like an old pro.

Samantha is unbelievably strong and possesses a true killer instinct so a lot of eyes are on her already and she’s only had one fight. Her coach and midwest MMA pioneer Scott Hope referred to her as a “bonafide stud” and coming from a guy like Scott that is saying something. Their main goal is to keep her progression steady and get noticed by the right people at the right time.

If you don’t believe the hype watch this video and see the raw potential for yourself.

PS. Pay no attention to the ugly announcer in the background. He’s a jerk… He’s me.

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