I mean come on. Like this is a real revelation of some sort.

Dana White has a tumultuous relationship with several fighters and a challenging one with many, but there is one who could be best described as a diva.

Over the years one fighter has consistently frustrated the UFC president to the point where he vented those frustrations publicly. If it wasn’t money, or location, or opponent, or day of the week, or PR obligations, or… you get the gist. Former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is one of the best examples of someone who can’t get out of their own way.

Woodley is talented and easily marketable but by all appearances he hated both of those attributes. Whenever they try to put a fight together for him there are hurdles and roadblocks from him in the news almost every day. He is 38 years old and counting the loss of his belt to Kamaru Usman he is on a 3 fight skid. More than once Dana White has commented that he feels it might be time for Woodley to hang up his gloves but Tyron is having none of it.

Aaron Bronsteter of TSN shared some comments Dana made about Woodley via Twitter.

He went on to say…

What do you think of Dana‘s take on Tyron Woodley? Is he right?

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