Saturday night MMA returns to Kentucky.

HRMMA 115 is kicking off a reduced attendance plan for live events with just 20% capacity allowed. The Bowling Green shows for the organization are some of the biggest in the midwest outside of the UFC and Bellator.

The cleaning protocols are stringent and Kentucky’s commission will probably be overseeing this portion as well. This means that all eyes are on the B2 owned promotion as they bring MMA back from the coronavirus lockdown. A safe event will also mean that it would likely be a blueprint and a green light for other promotions to return to action.

Having a slimmer crowd has put a spotlight on their pay per view capabilities much like the UFC has been forced to do. This was once a neglected technology for them in terms of marketing out of fear it would detract from attendance. Now it is a necessity and they will have to see how it plays out to determine if they continue it once and if life goes back to normals.

HRMMA 115 kicks off Saturday evening in Bowling Green. For all of the information click here.

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