MMA is a mixture of all the fighting styles wrapped up into one thrilling and exciting sport that very few decide to take on. For those who dare take on the sport, they make sure that they learn at least one new move every day. For those who are willing to take up MMA in the near future, well, this one is for us as we have a few MMA winning tactics that we are sure will be able to help you in the ring. 


This is a basic move when it comes to MMA and frightening in general. The jab is simple but it can be lethal if executed properly. It is simply a straight punch with the lead. It is a very easy move to learn, however mastering it can take a lifetime just like some people trying to win a jackpot from high roller casinos.


The overhand is a move that is not is popular as the jab, but it is just as useful and basic. But just like the jab, in the hands of a pro, this move can be a killer. The overhand is a looping punch that is thrown from the backhand that can be likened to a baseball pitch. 

Round Kick

The round kick is also a move that is commonly used in the MMA. To professional MMAS fighters, the round kick is easy to execute, for newbies, on the other hand, this is another story. To execute this move you will need to step or pivot the lead foot such that it is turned perpendicular to your opponent. From there you need to thrust the hip so that it leads the kicking leg. Then, lastly, you turn the hip over to get maximum force into the strike.


Saying it words can make it sounds very difficult, like how explaining real money online casino games seems hard, you can visit to learn how to play casino games. However, all the moves that we have mentioned above are very simple. And as always, practice makes perfect, so always make sure that you get enough practice before and even after matches. 

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