The talk of a super fight between UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and former light heavyweight champ Jon Jones just won’t die and it’s mainly because of Israel himself.

Over the past week – in between shots at paulo Costa – The Last Stylebender has taken aim at Jones every chance he has gotten. Any information available was thrown at Jon with bad intentions on social media.

To be fair, Adesanya wanted a fight with Jon as soon as he won the belt. Problem was and still is that there are many contenders in each division who want a shot at the title, a shot that they have rightfully earned. The one difference now is that Jones is no longer light heavyweight champion after he relinquished it and made the move to heavyweight. This move also makes a potential fight between the two even more unlikely. The main draw was the champion versus champion aspect but now that it is gone, so is the demand.

During this crazy 2020 year quite a few fighters have used the quarantine to promote themselves and none has done it better, at least in our opinion than Israel. Good friends Daniel cormier and Ariel Helwani have also taken notice. If you don’t believe us watch this clip.

Daniel Cormier made a really good point. Adesanya will take any rumor or whisper of something Jones did and attack him with it. That is straight junior high school yard tactics right there.

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