I will give UFC middleweight Darren Till one thing. He is relentless.

In case you guys don’t hang out on social media which I do more often than I should you may not know there was a beef going on between welterweight Mike Perry and Darren. We aren’t talking Chuck versus Tito levels but there was some back-and-forth that got kind of personal. It died down and now we know why.

Perry has made himself an easy target for other fighters to shoot at this year. First, and there is no problem with this whatsoever, he had only his girlfriend as his trainer/corner during his fight with Mickey Gall. To his credit he won and did so very impressively despite the hard time and ridicule he was receiving about his choice to not have coaches. Then he had to go and beat up an old man in a public place and just lit the fire all over again. When someone like Mike who has such a big mouth does something like this the blow back is going to be incredible. Especially when one of those people coming at you is Darren Till. The guy who told Mike he was going to raw dog his girlfriend. The guy Perry told that he was going to kick his mom. What started off as a small beef that was intended to be entertaining ended up getting serious real quick. So quickly that Mike apparently blocked Darren which of course only fueled the fire even more. That has not stopped him from trying to get Mike’s attention – again.

Take his post today for example.

I think what stood out for me is that he was asking for prayers. Anytime someone sneezes on social media they are asking for prayers so why shouldn’t Till be able to ask for the same… Even if it’s only to get unblocked by Mike. Oh, and there is a, probably fake, $5000 reward if you can get Mike to unblock him.

I am serious when I say that Mike and Jorge Masvidal share a similar trait. Both of them are not afraid to throw leather in public if they have been disrespected so someone should probably remember that if they are in the same place at the same time especially for an event.

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