Our new favorite montage of all of the hilarious and crazy glitches in the UFC 4 video game

The UFC 4 video game was released mid August and has been well received for the most part despite the morally and creatively bankrupt choice to put real advertisements in the game. Electronic Arts may be the worst video game publisher in history when it comes to making long term smart business decisions. If you like their games good for you but if you support their greed shame on you. Thank God they were forced to remove the ads from their $60 AAA game after – shock of all shockers – people got mad. Pair that up with their gambling, oh excuse me “surprise mechanics“ and you get a clear picture of what the heart of that company is. I’m gonna stop there because I could go all night about just how awful they really are.

Oh, and it’s only a matter of time before someone finds a UFC 3 logo still in the game.

Moving on.

The previous games in the UFC franchise had their fair share of hilarious bugs and glitches and this one is no different. A very talented YouTube content creator made a montage of some of the best so watch this and see if you don’t laugh at quite a few of them.