As most of you already know Nick Diaz is in every rumor section everywhere right now. A picture of him in phenomenal shape showed up on social media along with comments that he might be returning to the UFC very soon. Just about every few years we hear this and it never comes to pass so we ask that you don’t judge us too harshly for not buying into it just yet. We are not the only ones skeptical because the list is long and it includes UFC President Dana White.

Dana did admit recently after an episode of his Contender Series that there have been some discussions with the Diaz camp but he really didn’t go into detail other than to say…

Yeah, there’s been talking…But there’s been talking for years.

That’s pretty good evidence that nothing is happening right now other than a little bit of PR from the team of Nick Diaz.

Here’s more of what he said…

The Nick Diaz thing…First of all, we would’ve never released that or done that. We’ll see how this thing plays out. I don’t have any expectations, whatsoever. We’ll see what happens.”

We’ve been burned too many times so until the contract is signed we will go on as if Nick will not be returning to the cage anytime soon.

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