Greg Hardy doesn’t suck but he is certainly not at the top of the UFC heavyweight rankings. During his tenure in the heavyweight division he has amassed a record of 3-2-1 with one of those losses coming via disqualification. His first two professional mixed martial arts fights were on Dana White’s Contender Series where he won both via knockout. They didn’t immediately win him a UFC contract but after he took a fight in another organization winning again by knockout he achieved his goal. Not the best record, not the worst. The point is that he is still a journeyman finding his way.

Then there was the inhaler incident. His win over Ben Sosoli in December of last year was overturned to a no contest when he used an inhaler in between rounds. Essentially, his career has been a bumpy ride so far.

His division is going through a growth period right now. Jon Jones vacated his light heavyweight title and made the move to heavyweight official. The rumors around his first opponent have been just that so far, rumors. Recently, Brock Lesnar was mentioned as a potential opponent and as cool as that might be the fight feels irrelevant in 2020. It has been criticized as being a negative for the most part and some of the heavyweights have joined in. I can’t blame them because if Jon really is considered a top contender it would be just another money fight.

Greg Hardy is one of those heavyweights and he made his opinion very clear.

@WWE y’all scared to come play wit some real ones or nah. PS I’ll beat your ass 2 just saying.

Not exactly Shakespeare but his point was made. What do you think of a fight between Brock Lesnar and Greg Hardy? Anybody facing Brock Lesnar would be a money fight and let’s be real and admit that Lesnar struggled when facing skilled fighters – no offense to Frank Mir or Randy Couture. Hardy could be a stepping stone to a bigger bout or make a name for himself should he score the upset against Brock.

By Sean McClure

Sean McClure was the AFL marketing Director. He also wrote for MaXfighting and BJPenn before finding his true home at PMN. He is a retired ring announcer and former sparring partner to many mixed martial artists.

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