Clip: Tyron Woodley has a secret weapon in his training camp

Blood rivals and former UFC welterweight champions Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington will finally settle their score on September 19th. After years of back-and-forth and numerous reasons/excuses given for the bout agreement never being signed it is done – we hope. It’s the UFC in 2020 so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for the coronavirus to axe another fight. I hope we didn’t jinx it.

Something unexpected happened in a video that surfaced from inside Woodley’s camp. It included the best server of a three piece and a soda that ever lived, Jorge Masvidal. Given that he also has bad blood with Covington and that they are former teammates having someone like that helping you prepare is a smart move. Jorge was all smiles in the clip below. What do you think of him being in Tyron’s camp?

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