Tyson Fury tells ‘Mush’ to hurry up and accept the rematch

Tyson fury could be called flamboyant and brash and we don’t think anyone would disagree.

After rising from the dead like WWE’s Undertaker in his first bout with Deontay Wilder en route to a draw he got the job done in the second fight and stopped the power puncher in the 7th. Wilder claimed his walk to the ring in a heavy costume was the reason for the defeat but Tyson deserves all of the credit for his masterful plan. Immediately after Deontay’s loss fans and promoters were calling for a rematch. Fury seems to be patiently waiting..

OK, maybe not so patiently. There is a distinct possibility that there may not be a third fight between the two because of all the money involved but in my opinion they would be stupid not to make it happen because of how much it likely would bring in. We don’t know what the holdup is but it appears the WBC champion seems to be waiting on Wilder’s camp’s response.

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