The Triller platform will play host to the exhibition bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior. Many people have already sounded off with their opinions on the two men in their 50s getting back in the ring way past their primes. If you have been following the media and sports centered programming then you know that the response has been mixed leaning towards negative.

Some interesting rumors and possibly truths came out since the announcement about some of the conditions for the fight. Brendan Schaub touched on one specifically and that is the pair won’t try to knock one another out. Whether or not that is true or better yet that it will actually happen remains to be seen.

Brendan also discussed the potential lack of interest in the exhibition fight especially with the younger crowd. You will hear the names Jake and Logan Paul come out of his mouth more times than you care to during this clip but he does make some good points. Check it out.

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