Dream matchups are why boxing fans fall in love with the sport. 

Every generation boasts its top stars, whether it’s Ali, Tyson, Klitchko or any other greats. Often bookies, pundits and fans spend years crossing their fingers and hoping that one day the stars meet each other in the squared circle. 

When these rare moments do occur the entire world becomes part time experts, predicting results, making wagers and generally soaking in the moment for all its worth. 

The prospect of Anthony Joshua Vs Tyson Fury has taken twists and turns. But if reports are to be believed, the two modern day icons are set to meet each other head on in 2021. 

The question begs to be asked: How can a fight so hyped possibly live up to expectations?

Read on for an insight into how big a sporting event Fury Vs Joshua could be and whether or not it can match up with the best fights in boxing history. 

Joshua Vs Fury is huge for British boxing

Without a doubt Joshua Vs Fury will be the grandest fight in UK boxing history. 

The British pair hold all four major heavyweight titles — WBA, IBF, WBO for Joshua and the WBC for Fury. 

The prospect of a possible unification bout will get alot of people excited about crowning an undisputed British champion. 

But, by simply comparing the stars’ achievements in the here and now, British boxing can stand proud. After decades of dominance from the US and Ukraine, the UK is able to boast two greats who’ve already surpassed every obstacle on the way to each other. 

If and when the fight comes around, the entire United Kingdom will be watching, trying to predict the outcome, clambering to discover some of the best sports betting sites here, and checking out reviews like Coral Casino, Betfair and 888Sport. 

But what’s great for British boxing may not translate into an iconic superfight. Though big, perhaps Joshua Vs Fury is destined to take the form of a local drama rather than the global blockbuster it’ll be built up to be. 

A breath of fresh air to the heavyweight division

Dominated by the Klitchko brothers for the best part of the last decade — with no disrespect intended — the heavyweight division became a little too predictable. 

Both brothers were far and away the most dominant forces in the division. Whoever they faced would never be a match. 

Which would have been fine if a potential superfight between the two was on the cards. But being close brothers, it was a pipe dream to ever expect them to agree to face off. 

All this changed when Vitali relinquished the WBC title in 2013, retiring for the final time to pursue a political career in Ukraine. And after a couple of years even Klitcheko succumbed to a surprise loss against The Gypsy King himself, Tyson Fury. 

At the same time, Joshua was making a name off the back of Olympic glory with his professional career flourishing, he proved capable of collecting the fallen belts for himself. 

The story is written and interest in the heavyweight division is rumbling once again. A new era has ushered in with the man who beat the best, ready to face the natural successor to the throne.  

Will the fight have a global impact? 

Joshua and Fury are undeniable icons of British boxing and their fight is sure to put the island at the forefront of the sport. But it’s all well and good throwing around predicted sales figures to wow the business side of boxing.

A matchup demanded by only British fans doesn’t seem to have that big worldwide appeal. 

Take the states for example, Fury’s bigger than life personality lends itself well to stardom in America compared to Joshua. But that’s not to say he is anything close to widely known. In fact, both fighters need to do a lot of work to warrant the global attention a superfight demands. 

On the other hand it’s clear many other countries are desperate to land the fight, including Saudi Arabia and the USA. Therefore interest is there, but the sceptic believes this to be about money and sponsorship, rather than the fans.  

As promoter Eddie Hearn bangs on about “the biggest fight in boxing” you can’t help but question it. The biggest contemporary fight? Maybe. But certainly not the biggest of all time. Not by a long shot. 

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Joshua Vs Fury will be a big fight. But when compared to the standard of a superfight, my heart of hearts believes it struggles to live up to the billing. 

A genuine superfight is rare and the term shouldn’t be thrown around at any intriguing fight. 

All the same, I’ll be watching when the two take the stage, because it’s bound to be a good one.

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