The MMA is in a bit of a golden era right now – all the more reason to check out this draftpromocode in your quest for awesome bonuses and hot markets. We’ve got some truly great fighters right now, but in this post, we will be looking back at the greats of the octagon. 

In the interest of getting ahead of the action however, you may want to register with GPC before the next big fight comes along. One thing is for certain, there are going to be some classics as Dana White continues to pick and match fighters throughout 2020.

For now, let’s get back onto the legends of the game, and identify what made/makes them so special. 

Incredible Talent

  1. Anderson Silva

Brazilians have had a bit of a god-like aura in the octagon at times, and Anderson Silva was arguably one of the best there has ever been. He hasn’t taken on a professional fight now since May 2019, and his record stands at 34 wins and 10 losses. Interestingly, Anderson Silva holds the record for having held the middleweight title for the longest time in history – 2,457 days. That’s a rather impressive resume!

Even the UFC president, Dana White, refers to Anderson Silva as the most accomplished MMA fighter he has ever seen. Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva may not fight so much these days, but in his day, he was almost impossible to beat. 

  1. Khabib Nurmagomedov

When talking about ruthless competitors, they don’t come much better than Nurmagomedov. This young Russian used to wrestle with bears as a child – no joke! There are videos of him wrestling with a bear online, and his grappling is probably the best in the UFC today. He’s a tactical genius, yet his mental strength is also one of his greatest assets. In 2020, Nurmagomedov has never been beaten, with 28 wins under his belt.

The most famous of these wins was probably against Conor McGregor just a few years back. This fight ultimately broke out in a brawl between both camps, yet it showed how passionately Nurmagomedov wanted to defend his honor and his family. It was truly remarkable to see.

  1. Georges St. Pierre

Georges St. Pierre is already a contender for the UFC Hall of Fame, and much like the other two on this list, he’s regarded as one of the best to ever enter the octagon. St. Pierre managed to win both the middleweight and welterweight titles during his career, and amazingly, he defended these titles a total of 9 times in a row. That takes some serious skill and ability, which is why he’s on our list.

He is actually a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and this showed during many of his fights when he showed such skill on the ground. St. Pierre now lives a slightly quieter life following his retirement from the UFC, yet he retired on top. He’s still involved in the UFC to some extent, but we won’t get to see him fight again, unfortunately. 

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