Let me start off by saying that I am sharing this only to make mixed martial arts fans laugh. How can someone not make this comparison between UFC fighters Diego Sanchez and Mike Perry a meme? It writes itself.

If you have been living under a rock let me set this up for you. UFC veteran Diego Sanchez confused just about everyone when he chose a let’s say…“interesting” new coach. Joshua Fabia is one of the most bizarre people you will run across on YouTube. It’s too much to get into but it basically what he does looks like a bunch woo woo nonsense that you’d have to be high to fall for. Hey USADA you might want to head to Sanchez‘s house.

Sanchez used to be one of the most feared fighters in his division and his toughness and tenacity were always on full display. After he made the change to Joshua there was a noticeable dip in his performance and while he won the fight it was because of a disqualification due to an illegal knee. There are many, too many people involved in mixed martial arts to name that have come out publicly and criticized Fabia. None of it has deterred Diego at least not that he has made any statement about. Diego has someone unexpected in his corner and that’s where Mike Perry comes in.

Mike is much easier to sum up. He met a girl, he proclaimed his love for the girl, told the world he didn’t need a typical corner for his fight with Mickey Gall, and he had his girlfriend step into the role. He won and now a rash of other fighters have begun a discussion on whether or not a corner is truly needed. The bucket guy, the cut man, the coach, the hype guy, and anybody else that usually comes into the cage during the break between rounds. Perry didn’t need those he just needed his girlfriend.

There were even videos of his girlfriend doing mitt work with him. Whatever they did it paid off. Granted, Mickey was a little out of his depth and his trial by fire continues, but Mike won.

This is what happens when the Internet realizes there are two prominent UFC fighters who have the same out of the ordinary choices for a fight corner.

Fair enough and pretty darn funny. There is no evidence to support it but the Internet loves to insinuate that Diego and Joshua are a couple.

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