I feel like we are watching reruns of a bad movie here. A fighter retires, that fighter spends their time on social media telling everyone they are retired, and a few months later there is some reason that got them to come back to the game that to be honest we all know they never left in the first place. Whew.

I can’t remember how many times Conor McGregor has said he has retired over the past five years but I’m sure it’s quite a few. His latest announcement came the same night as UFC 250 and almost hijacked a show that was full of great action and two vicious knockouts.

Every time the title picture looks like it’s going to be bottlenecked for a little bit or maybe his name isn’t out there as much as he wants it seems we get a retirement announcement. That’s not a knock on Conor, but it is my opinion that it’s not the money the Irishman is addicted to – it’s the notoriety. Think it’s a coincidence his nickname is “The Notorious“?

On top of a retirement cake image he shared we are now getting the McGregor in a boat photos. I am certain that unless he shares a picture of him in a coffin people will not believe he has actually called it quits. Even then, with his status there would probably be a lot of conspiracy theorists saying he faked his death. The point I’m trying to make is that Conor McGregor saying he’s actually retiring doesn’t fly with mixed martial arts fans today.

Here is the latest.

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