You will not hear me criticize the character of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones again. Whether or not his title is vacated for real has no impact on this article. Jones is a leader.

As you undoubtedly know the tensions in this country are very high at the moment. The murder of another African-American male by a careless/witless police officer sparked riots that involved arson, theft, assault, and just about any other crime you could think of. It was a crap show and in some cities it’s still going on. The last person I expected to get out in front of all of this was Jon. I know I wasn’t the only one given his his own checkered past with the police but man did he prove us all wrong.

Jon not only bravely went out and removed weapons and spray paint cans from the hands of would be rioters but he’s also helping communities to rebuild. It is something you need to see for yourself.

Here’s Jon disarming some young men with wisdom and not violence.

Here is Jones helping to rebuild.

Say what you want but he isn’t sitting back in his house and posting images. He’s actually a celebrity doing something. Our hats are off to you sir.

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