Seal Team 6 billi McGregor really wants you to never forget he’s the GOAT

Ever since UFC megastar Conor McGregor posted his greatest of all time list it’s been a crap storm.

He left quite a few fan favorites out and put himself second or tied for first which if we are being honest is not exactly true. He’s a great fighter but he’s not the greatest of all time by a long shot and we think most fans would agree. You cannot convince him of that and maybe that’s OK because he’s a fighter and he supposed to think that?

So his Twitter account is continuously being used to remind everyone that he is the GOAT and in sometimes hilariously bad fashion like this.

So that last sentence… Yeah. I have no idea what a billi goat would be doing on seal team six but apparently that’s where the Irishman thinks they need to be. Livestock in America’s elite naval fighting force.

And then there is this.

Who knows when this will end but it’s at least entertaining. One thing we can all agree on is that if Conor McGregor loses his next fight and still continues to call himself the greatest of all time – it would be safe to start comparing his reasoning to Artem Lobov. We aren’t quite at Manny Reyes Jr level thinking yet.

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