Are you there it’s me again, Dustin Poirier

The lightweight title picture is a mess.

It looks like the cursed fight between Tony Ferguson and undefeated lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov will never come to pass and if it does it may be when they are way past their primes. Justin Gaethje just captured the interim lightweight title but he now sits waiting for Khabib who might be in Russia for quite a while unless things change. Dustin Poirier also sits near the top of the rankings and has beaten Justin Gaethje making a rematch at Dana’s ‘Fight Island’ a distinct possibility for them. I guess it all just depends on how long it takes Khabib to return to action?

You cannot say lightweight division without mentioning Conor McGregor and title shot in the same sentence if you are in the business of making money – which the UFC is. Whenever you try to logically match make for 155 pounds he is the wildcard because has the potential to jump to the front of the line if he wants it. I guess when it comes down to it you could say it’s just a mess.

With a lot of events getting pushed back the top fighters are itching to get back into the cage and as I mentioned above Dustin is definitely one of those.

Of those three who do you think he should face and when?

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