Francis Ngannou fuels feud with Jon Jones with with one picture

Things are truly heating up between UFC heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Ever since a rumor was started that they were going to face off, playful challenges were issued by the two, the Internet got a hold of it, it kept growing before rocket fueled fans just took it from there.

Jones looked like he was just playing along even stating at one point that he wanted a tuneup flight at 220 pounds catch weight to test the waters. Then that was no longer a talking point and a straight up fight in the heavyweight division was discussed. Suddenly we the media got a hold of it and It was off to the races. Where it is actually at contractually is a mystery but I’m guessing negotiations haven’t even started.

Jon has been poking Francis and vice versa on social media but this one by Ngannou was pretty brutal.

If this does happen I expect it to set pay-per-view records. It markets itself.

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