UFC 249 was going to be Justin Gaethje’s chance at UFC gold but after the coronavirus pandemic shut down events that opportunity was gone. It was a lightweight interim title shot and to some that would have been enough but for a killer like Justin Gaethje it doesn’t seem to be. Here’s what he said to ESPN…

When they wrap that belt around me, it won’t be the destination. It will be a map to the top. That’s who I’m looking at. It’ll be nice to have a belt wrapped around, but for me, it won’t mean the same. It won’t mean I’m a world champion in the UFC.

Lightweight King Khabib Nurmagomedov is still under a Russian travel lockdown meaning that the interim title is all we are going to get. Justin hasn’t let the Russian’s travel woes stop him from calling him out.

When I beat Tony, I’m fighting Khabib next. That’s what I’m here for, to be the best in the world. And when I fight him, I want him to try and kill me, because I won’t respect him if he doesn’t.

Who takes it in these bouts? Gaethje, Ferguson, or Nurmagomedov?

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