If you are going to watch this clip of Tyron Woodley for anything it needs to be for the Joe Exotic comments. A street tough African American former UFC champion discussing the most glorious, spectacular piece of glitter bombed trailer park lion taming white trash ever is a must for anyone.

Woodley has been vocal lately about being hungry to regain his welterweight title from the man who stole it from him. Kamaru Usman has already stated a rematch with T-Wood would be agreeable in the foreseeable future so that’s a good sign. We are likely to get a Woodley vs Leon Edwards fight or a grudge match with Colby Covington first if we’re being honest.

The mystical/mythical ‘Fight Island’ that Dana White wants to hold events at during this coronavirus pandemic is also touched on. Woodley is on the same page as most of us so no worries there.

Check it out.

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