Watch: Usman says street Jesus stepped over the line and is 100% next

Colby Covington is going to be pissed.

The beef between UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and BMF title holder Jorge Masvidal has hit the point where a bout between the two is inevitable. The odds were that this was the bout Dana White was looking to make anyways so maybe it all worked out in the end? Two fighters in the same weight class at the height of their powers with momentum behind them. Take my money.

Usman definitely seemed like he wasn’t keen on an immediate rematch with the man who almost beat him aka Colby Covington. Not because he is afraid but likely that he did not want to go through Colby’s Rick James level of trash talking again. He TKO’d Covington and allegedly/possibly fractured his jaw with a minute left in their 5 round war. Colby was reportedly winning on the judges scorecards in that fifth and tie breaking round before karma caught up with him. We say put that rematch in your back pocket Dana and let’s move forward.

Jorge Masvidal is on a roll and made himself a big star by knocking out Ben Askren in 5 seconds and then defeating Nate Diaz for the one time BMF title. That’s what put him in front of Usman’s line in our eyes but it wasn’t entirely clear that this bout would come to fruition. The stars have to align sometimes and in a stacked weight class like 170 nothing is ever a guarantee.

Going by what Kamaru just said to ESPN it appears to be a done deal but with the coronavirus pandemic postponing our future events we won’t know a date for a while. Masvidal vs Usman? Check it out…