Uncle Chael joins in on Jon Jones criticism with ‘download uber’ video

Coronavirus, stimulus package, and Jon Jones. All of that seems way too surreal right now.

As I am certain 100% of our readers now, Jon Jones was arrested for multiple charges recently and everyone who is anyone has been weighing in. This includes one of our favorites, uncle Chael Sonnen.

Given that Chael was one of the first people to almost defeat Jon we figure he has the right to jump in. If you remember in that bout, Jones suffered one of the worst injuries to a foot we have ever seen in the Octagon. Had Sonnen finished the round, the doctor would’ve stopped the fight and we would’ve had a new light heavyweight champion. With Jon‘s latest brush with the law we swear that the only person who wants his him to lose that belt more than the entirety of the 205 pound division is the champ himself.

Uncle Chael put out a video discussing the entire fiasco and he made some very good points that as always are best heard from his mouth. The title of the video says it all. Jon – you need to learn how to call Uber and this has to stop. I’m not sure if he will be stripped of his belt, but if he really is guilty then it is almost certainly a done deal.

Watch this video and tell me you don’t 100% agree with what he is saying.

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