Khabib says he’s ready for Ferguson if they can just give him an address

This is getting ridiculous. UFC 249 is probably going to be held in someone’s basement. This coronavirus pandemic isn’t messing around.

Dana White has been all over the news first with news of a venue for the event then the next day he’s uncertain if it will even take place. Imagine being the two best lightweights in the world trying to settle the argument of who is the top dog and your biggest challenge isn’t your opponent it’s a worldwide pandemic. Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and former interim champ Tony Ferguson have been staking their claim at who the real number one is.

I am one of those people dying to know the answer to that question but it is not worth people dying over.

Since the ban on events has been implemented there have been empty arena scenarios but even those are being shut down. Dana has been trying to play out every possible scenario and it doesn’t seem to be working. We heard rumors of tribal lands, empty arenas, training centers, and some that are too ridiculous to repeat. The UFC President came out today stating that he had a location that he might be able to pull off but he didn’t want to say yet.

Imagine being Khabib and Tony prepping for what should be a big money fight only to have the news broken to you about all of the challenges they are facing. This bout has been called cursed because it has been canceled several times before this for one reason or another. There is a positive and that is both combatants are still training like it’s going to go down somewhere. Maybe there’s hope?

Here’s what Nurmagomedov posted earlier.

I am praying to the MMA gods that this happens somewhere even if it’s a broom closet.

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