LOL: Dana White shares a hilarious photo of where Ferguson vs Khabib might take place

It’s bad out there.

The coronavirus is blowing up and leaving financial devastation in its wake on top of the health risks it is posing. Events everywhere are being cancelled or postponed and if you want proof look no further than WWE Wrestlemania. The event which usually brings in millions for the company is being taped with no fans and will reportedly air over two nights. When you stop and think about that it begins to set in just how hard this pandemic is hitting.

The long awaited fight between UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is still scheduled for April but no one is certain if it will go on right now. Because it has fallen through a few times in the past UFC President Dana White has been doing everything in his power to make the bout happen.

Venue after venue has fallen victim to the coronavirus mandatory shutdowns and it looks bleak for the next few months at best. In reality it could be in the fall before things start getting back to semi normal.

To spread a little humor during this time of social isolation Dana posted a photo that we believe was shared by commentator Joe Rogan first. Keeping it real here it might come to this.