Chael Sonnen says Monday’s WWE RAW was worst ever!


Chael P Sonnen is dead on about Monday’s RAW being ‘garbage’. We also agree with him that going ahead with the television program in an empty setting was pretty brave. Unfortunately the lighting in the ring also lit up the first couple of rows. They should have curtained off all of the seats to give the illusion that there was a crowd. It was also proof that without the fans WWE raw was exposed as what it truly is and has been for a while – pretty bad.

Watching the undertaker hit the ring without his big entrance was really off putting even though he was essentially the biker Taker version of his character. It just seemed ridiculous. Listen to Chael give the most honest and accurate take on the show we have heard in a while.

The scripted show format was laid bare and laid to waste.

Enjoy and stay safe.

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