Dana white admits fights postponed but assures UFC 249 will happen

I swear. If Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn’t happen this time I am going to flip out. Two absolute killers at their primes for the UFC lightweight title? It has to happen even if it’s in a broom closet on closed circuit!

You might not have noticed but there’s this thing called the Coronavirus going around and it’s shutting down anything and everything it can get it’s hands on. There were concerns about state allowance of event gatherings and they came to fruition. The UFC immediately put in contingency plans but none of those matter now that bans are in place for public protection.

Dana White has come out now and definitively stated that all events until April 18th have been postponed indefinitely. He reassured us that Khabib vs Tony is still a go and no offense to the cancelled cards but if one could go forward it would have to be UFC 249.

Here’s what he said.