The choice to delay Fast 9 was a good idea given the number of fans that will show up to the theaters worldwide during the current coronavirus pandemic. The franchise box office takes have exploded since The Rock helped to reinvigorate the Fast and The Furious franchise as Hobbs in their fifth installment, Fast 5.

The previous film managed a global take of $360M and jumped to almost $630M when the former WWE star entered in to the series.
The last installment released back in 2017 was The Fate of the Furious and it managed to hit $1.23B worldwide. With another WWE megastar like John Cena entering in to the fray it is unlikely the popularity will wain.

Unfortunately for fans eagerly awaiting another Rock vs Cena face off it will not be happening on screen in 9th or the 10th and reportedly final installment. It is well documented that The Rock and Vin Diesel do not like each other and we suspect Rock’s absence in F9 is not “scheduling conflicts” as much as the beef. Whatever it is we will be without Hobbs for the remainder of the franchise.

It was announced that John Cena’s debut in the series will not only be delayed from its original May 2020 release date but will be pushed all the way to April 2021.

Here’s the tweet from the official F9 account:

So if you were looking forward to Cena’s debut you will have to wait.

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