Disclaimer: We are not doctors and in no way are we qualified to determine whether or not someone is crazy. We are however entitled to our opinion. That being said, let’s go.

This guy is the physical embodiment of WTF. Welcome to the first part of Joshua Fabia is Probably Insane limited series.

School of Self founder Joshua Fabia recently started to gain notoriety or at least momentum when he successfully cornered and coached Diego Sanchez to a monumentally epic DQ win (sarcasm) over Michael Pereira on February 15th. It wasn’t the disqualification win as much as it was the videos, information, and weird interviews Fabia and Sanchez gave that started to surface shortly after.

Joshua has some really strange stuff still floating around out there enough that some – look it up – would say he has a cult like following. We will not link any of those articles or videos for legal reasons but plenty exist. Fabia does possess a lot of charisma and is fearless in his defense of whatever it is exactly that he thinks he brings to the MMA table. Confidence is often magnetic and a fading athlete like Diego (5-5 in his last 10) would likely feel that magnetism and reach out to try and rekindle the fires of his career.

In this series we try to piece together the answer to the question: Why is a prominent fighter like Diego Sanchez entrenching himself in to the world of a bizarre figure like Fabia? Especially in the twilight of his career?

Today’s video is Pluto man. Just way out there.

The title of the Fabia video is Connecting to The Universal Time Zone. Yep, you read that right. With all of the holistic, naturopaths, homeopathic flim flam, and spiritual mumbo jumbo being marketed to people searching for answers this fits snugly in to a few of those slots. If you are in to those things and they work for you that is fine and we are happy for you – just don’t post on the Bullshido forums about it.

Back on topic…

Joshua claims this is a technique to use when you wake up to connect with ‘world time‘. To start he wants you to breathe, open your eyes, exhale, close your eyes, and stare in to space. That’s the groundbreaking premise here people and if you want to fall asleep we would recommend listening to him talk for this entire video instead of taking Ambien.

We will dig deeper in to just who Joshua really is and how potentially dangerous it can be for an MMA fighter to stop living and breathing being a fighter and start focusing more on stuff like this. It’s a nice supplemental puff piece for your brain if you need a break from the physical and if you want to stop critically thinking for a bit.

We ask you this – would you be doing things like this or even seek them out if you were fighting in the UFC?

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