After essentially blowing the last chance he will likely get at capturing the UFC middleweight championship, Yoel Romero was heavily criticized. He often stood motionless and stared at champion Israel Adesanya only occasionally displaying that terrifying aggression that has won him so many fights. He’s an Olympic silver medalist and former world gold medalist in freestyle wrestling but it was never on display either. To say it was bizarre is an understatement. Adesanya won the lackluster bout that he said for was his legacy but it will go down as a snooze fest.

UFC President Dana White immediately made his feelings known about what a stinker the fight was and his regret in making it. This didn’t sit well with Romero and he has fired back at Dana (via MMAWeekly).

Where do you fight? Don’t you fight in the middle of the ring? I was standing in the middle of the ring and he ran. He just ran and ran and ran…..he didn’t want anything after that….It was the same thing when everybody wanted to fight Mike Tyson. Everybody had a plan until Mike hit them in the face.

He has a point. Now, imagine Yoel Romero coming at you with bad intentions. Yep, I’d be out.

What do you think of all of this?

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