They do not make them like Jake Roberts anymore.

AEW got a huge boost from the return of WWE hall of famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. Anyone who is familiar with Jake knows he is one of the best promo deliverers in the history of professional wrestling. His cold, calculating, and errorless delivery won over audiences immediately. His character was one of the few that truthfully never needed the belts that Vince McMahon neglected to put on him in the then WWF. Turns out, like then – He hasn’t lost a step.

Roberts returned to the ring for All Elite Wrestling recently and cut one of if not the best promo in the last five years. It got the Internet fans and media sites buzzing. Long time pro wrestling reporter Bill Apter managed to catch up with Jake and once again the hall of famer nailed it.

Here’s some of what he said:

I don’t like kids that are spoiled rotten. You know? His daddy, everybody knows him, and God bless him. Hell of a man. I’ve fought him many times. MANY TIMES. In fact one of my favorite moments of my life is when I played Santa Claus to Dusty Rhodes.

But Cody has been given this opportunity by some billionaire, and it’s his game. Cody this is not a game to me. It never has been. This is serious stuff. So you brought your game out there and you been playing it week by week, and man I am ready to gag myself with a spoon. I am so sick of you. Your daddy should have beat your ass.

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