Wrestling Superstars Who Were Soccer Players

The end of another career can be the start of another one. The following wrestlers prove that it is ok to be talented in different fields and it is also ok to go for it. Sometimes you start something and realize it’s not what you truly want and sometimes you just change. Just like playing casino games at an online casino aka casino en ligne in French, you can move from one game to another as long as you are also good at it. Here is the list of soccer players that went into wrestling.

Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan is known to be a professional wrestler. But what most people may not know is that he was once a soccer star before he turned to wrestling. Barri Griffiths as it is his real name played soccer as a center back for the Porthmadog F.C. This was during the time when they were in the welsh Premier league. His career was ended by a knee injury.

Tim Wiese

Wiese was promoted to the captain position immediately after being signed by Hoffenheim. He did not do well and was slowly dropped. His contract was then terminated in 2014 after a mutual agreement from both parties and yet he had started in 2012. It is around September 2014 that he was rumored to have signed a contract by the WWE to join NXT. That was his first break into WWE.

Stuart Tomlinson

He was one of the greatest goalkeepers. During his football career, he had many injuries that kept in and out of the fuels. He was a well-known goalkeeper known for defending penalties. Despite being successful he decided to venture into another field. Tomlinson from 2014 has been in the WWE NXT. He is doing well in the WWE with his stage name Hugo Knox. Maybe one day crazy vegas casino and other popular casino brands will offer a WWE themed online slot to honour him.

Antonio Rocca

It was an injury that saw the rise to his career as a wrestler. Antonio Rocca was a well-known wrestler during the 1940s to 1960s. He was well known among adults and also kids. After his injury, he stopped playing soccer and went into wrestling instead. He even used his soccer skills in the wrestling ring and it led to an interesting and unique style of wrestling.

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