If you are familiar with sports betting, boxing betting odds will not be an unfamiliar topic to you. However, if you are new in the game, you might need a little time to get a hang of it but it doesn’t require more than an understanding of simple math. Basically, sports book offer something called ‘money line’ for most boxing events. This is offered on the number of rounds as well as the number of outcomes in the course of the fight. 

The Math of Boxing Betting Odds

Let’s say the most preferred boxer has the potential to go up at minus 300 (-300) money line. This implies that the bettor that wants the preferred boxer to win would have to put up the sum of $300 for an opportunity to win a $100 or $3,000 to win $1,000. The least preferred boxer may be listed at plus 260 (+260), which means the player will pay the sum of $100 for an opportunity to win $260.

Still in the same fight, the bookmaker might list an under/over 7.5 rounds. That is, ‘over’ is listed as minus 400 and ‘under’ listed as plus 300. In this case, if a bettor wagers $100 on ‘under’ and the fight is discontinued before or right on the 7th round, the bettor will receive $300 as his winning. If he bets on ‘over’ and the fight progresses into the 8th round or more, he will win $25 for his $100 bet. In most casino or bookmaker platforms, the least betting amount can be as low as $5.

For big events, there are usually a number of various bets that are granular in nature. For instance, there can be bets on things like which boxer would be knocked down first or what kind of punch would land first. 

Boxing Betting Odds: What to Consider

Before you choose boxing betting odds, there are some things you need to consider. Frankly, you need some critical knowledge before you choose a potential winner or loser in a game. It doesn’t require any major strategy. You only need to do a bit of research and you can have an idea of how the fight is likely to pan out. Some of the things to consider are highlighted below.

  • Statistics don’t lie

By checking the statistics of the fighters, you can decipher some information that will increase your odds of winning a bet. For instance, things like age, weight, height, record, experience, and previous opponents can reveal some insight that you might have not considered. For example, discovering that a boxer is left-handed will naturally indicate his potential advantage in the ring.

  • Styles of Boxing

How does the boxer stand in terms of boxing styles? Does he jab faster or punch hard? Does he carefully pick opportunities or just brawl? How does he compare with his opponents in boxing style? You can make a lot of informed decisions by having this information.Finally, you should get more information on all boxing betting odds before you make a choice to enhance your winning potentials.

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